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Progress through Innovation

We believe that innovation is a key factor to economic growth and competitiveness. Innovations improve economic and social progress of people, businesses and even nations. In our opinion especially small and medium-sized and family owned industrial companies have special skills and abilities to take the chances and opportunities innovation can provide to them. With our consulting portfolio we offer you an extensive support from the strategic idea to marketing of your innovations for future growth and competiveness.

IfB Unternehmensberatung was founded in 1979 and is now privately owned and led by Gerhard M. Becker. We are an international management consulting company, which is focused on innovative companies in all industrial sectors. If you want to learn more about our consulting philosophy and services please contact us.

Strategy & Innovation

Do you have a clear entrepreneurial objective in mind? Do you want to secure an enduring and lasting corporate growth and competitiveness with new products, technologies and innovations. We believe that innovation is a key factor to economic success of a company.

Following a clear and systematic strategy your targets become achievable. We support you in developing, planning and implementing such a sustainable competitive strategy. Together, we develop your market position systematically and implement your strategy to market leadership.

Finance & Liquidity

Do you invest in economic growth and innovations? Your investments for R&D projects, staff, machines and plants, equipment and launch activities should be soundly financed, so that risks remain controllable and opportunities can be used optimally.

A solid corporate financial structure is a basis for your future plans. We assist you in planning and implementing a tailored financial structure with public subsidies, loans, mezzanine and equity capital and state guarantees. With our methods and approaches to corporate liquidity management we create a wider financial range for your business development and innovation strategy.

Project Management

Do you want to develop and launch new products and innovations as quickly as possible? We think that time to market and the proximity to customer needs are significant for a successful product development and launch. This applies to both the innovation leader and the innovation follower.

We believe that companies can accelerate the speed and improve product features of their R&D and innovation processes by an Agile Project Management. Especially suitable for industrial projects we developed a simple but effective framework for industrial companies using agile and lean management methods. With our framework you develop industrial projects faster and closer to market needs. Our agile project management approach enables you to enter the market at the earliest possible and win significant market shares first.

Marketing Development

Launching a new product, technology or innovation can be challenging. And in view of the success of an innovation the first phases within the life cycle of an innovation plays a key role. But many innovations only find slowly acceptance by the customer and often after an apparently successful market entry there is a strong danger to fall into the growth chasm with the consequence to fail.

We believe that marketing new industrial products, technologies and innovations need a specific approach in order to exhaust the chances at its best. We are specialised in national and international marketing of new industrial products, technologies and innovations during the first years of the product life cycle. With our 4 Phase Method our marketing approach is designed specifically for marketing continuous or revolutionary innovations. As a result we provide and implement a systematic strategy for the market entry of your innovation and for crossing the chasm to future growth.